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Having worked with Champlain Stone for ten years, PRB is proud to bring their collection of twelve distinct stones to the northwest and beyond.

Champlain exterior stone

Champlain Stone has supplied exquisite stone for projects throughout the northeastern US.

Every piece of stone processed by Champlain’s quarriers meets the strict specifications set forth by the company. Using the latest advances in technology, Champlain is able to customize nearly every aspect of each stone, from size to finish to color range.

Champlain Stone ski lodge

Champlain Stone can be found on commercial structures from ski resort lodges and health clinics to prestigious universities and iconic government buildings, adding an element of beauty and nature.

In case you’re wondering about freight logistics for shipping from East Coast to West Coast; most of our East Coast product is shipped via rail container, which is half the price of trucking.  Additionally, Champlain’s thin veneer is priced very competitively, allowing us to bring it to market for around the same price as thin veneer stone products offered from other vendors.  Contact us for pricing and samples.

Champlain’s commitment to premium service is a great fit with PRB’s approach to doing business, making them a great partner. Call or email your PRB rep today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.