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We hope your summer season is in full swing and going well.  In an effort to keep you informed, we have important information regarding product lead-times.  With the spike in nationwide construction activity, most of the stone industry’s manufacturers and quarries have extended their lead times.  Please view the updated lead times below:

Current Lead times as of 6/18/14:

Telluride Stone Co:  6-8 weeks depending on product

Merrillstone Products:  3-5 weeks

Harristone Products:  0-2 weeks

Quarried product (MT, ID):  0-3 weeks

Quarried Product (TX, PA):  4-6 weeks

By communicating this update, it is our hope to mitigate the inevitable scheduling challenges that these increased lead times create.  Please call or email your rep for specific product lead times as many products are still readily available. Also know that this does not affect current orders, although we have seen some delays.   

Moreover, scarcity of raw material used to fabricate dimensional products (i.e. natural stone caps, sills, post caps, etc.) and some flagstone products has become an issue worth mentioning.  The sandstone quarries producing these products, primarily in the Oklahoma/Arkansas region and Central Montana, are struggling to keep pace with the increased demand.  Coupled with a trucking and labor shortage due to Oil & Gas Field Development in both areas, the availability of these products has diminished significantly.  Many quarries and producers are not taking orders and if they do, the lead times are running into 2015.  Please note again that this does not apply to orders that have already been placed. 

Clearly, this situation is not acceptable to our customers, nor to us.  We have researched alternative stones in an effort to provide products of similar color, workability and quality.  We have found some viable options and we encourage you to call us for more information.  If you know that you’ll be needing these products in the near future, please contact us so we can assist you in the planning phase.  

Thank you for your patronage. We will continue to update you as these matters evolve.   

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