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Further expanding our relationships with the top natural stone and manufactured stone companies in the US and beyond, we’ve partnered with Burlington Stone of the UK and Norstone of Australia.

Our partnership with Burlington Stone will entail focusing on high end, custom residential construction at the national level in conjunction with their US and European sales teams.

With Pacific Resource Brokers based in Bend, OR, we’re particularly excited to be the Central Oregon distributor for Norstone. We’re looking forward to bringing Norstone’s uniquely stylish stone veneer to our home market.

Norstone exterior stone veneer

Burlington Stone has a long history of exceptional quality beginning in the mid 19th century southern Cumbria region of the UK. The company brings 400 years of experience and a wide range of British natural stone products including slate, pavers and more. Their stone is unmatched in technical performance and aesthetic appearance.

Norstone, known in part for their innovation in natural Stone Wall Tiles and the Basalt IL Tile System, is a global manufacturer and supplier of premium natural stone products. Norstone’s products offer beauty and style for any design while saving on weight, time and cost of installation.

To learn more about what Burlington Stone and Norstone bring to Pacific Resource Brokers line of product offerings, email us or give us a call at 541-647-8639.