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The colder months are approaching but it’s not too late to stock up on flagstone! We have plenty of options available with very reasonable lead times.

Silver Quartzite Stand Up Flagstone
Silver quartzite flagstone offers shades of grey and silver accompanied by cool, natural undertones.
1/2″-1″ thick
Lead Times: available immediately

Pioneer Blue Patio Flagstone
This beautiful flagstone is a great “true blue”, bluestone alternative.
1″-2″ thick 
Lead Times: 2-3 weeks

Indian Bluestone Dimensional Pavers
These attractive blue-grey pavers are very versatile given the range of sizes that are available. 
Available in Sizes: 12×12″, 12×24″ and 24×24″ by 1.25″ thick.
Lead Times: available immediately

Full Color PA Bluestone Stand Up Flagstone
Full Color PA Bluestone displays a stunning blue color with hints of grey and chocolate tones throughout.  
Sizing: 1/4″-3/4″ thick 
Lead Times: available immediately

Utah Sunrise Select Patio
Utah Sunrise select patio is a myriad of colors. It comes in random shapes and has a neutral tan base overlaid by vivid gold overtones.
Sizing: 1″-2″ thick  
Lead Times: 6-8 weeks